Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the questions and answers below will assist but feel free to call our Amersham or Watford based teams at anytime who are on hand to help or simply Click Here to request a call back.


I don't really know what I need?

With almost 80 years of experience making custom built furniture our team can share this with you, offer suggestions and discuss a wide range of options available to. We are able to bring ideas to life that you may not have thought were possible, it is this that inspires our designers and challenges our craftsman.

Will you visit my home in order to quote?

Visiting your home is always best so that we can better understand the environment and offer suggestions and recommendations based on experience. There is no charge for us to visit, design and provide a quotation.

I have a photo of something I really like?

That's great, having ideas is always a good place for us to start and pictures will always help too. We have access to a huge range of finishes and embellishments that will ensure your project is completely unique. We are often asked to replicate furniture and storage solutions seen by our customers when on holidays and do so successfully whilst usually adding a few inspired additions along the way.

I struggle to visualise things, how will I see my design?

All designers will provide hand drawn plans and drawings really bringing to life the proposed work.

Will custom made furniture cost me significantly more?

With custom made furniture the cost is in your hands, we can adapt designs and materials to suit most budgets. The real benefit of custom furniture is having a solution that works perfectly within the space that you have and not having to compromise with an 'off the shelf' solution'. Contact our team for a free no obligation quote, you may be very surprised.

I'm decorating the room, should this be done before or after fitting?

We recommend that if you are getting new carpets fit them after our furniture is fitted as in most cases we fit to the floor-boards. Decorating however can be done either before or after we will do our best to fit around any existing work being carried out by other tradesman.

I live in an apartment, access isn't straightforward?

With all our furniture being custom built we can erect on-site which means we can access anywhere that you are too, we are not restricted as our furniture is not 'pre-built'. Furthermore our team can dismantle your existing furniture and remove it from your home if required, saving you time and worry.